Life on a sheep & beef farm.

Climb on board and enjoy an ATV tours (booking required) travel in comfort/safety and take in the sights and sounds of what farm lifes all about.

Transport available for those keen on a walk from the top of the range, guests can leisurely walk down taking in the panoramic views and listen to the bird song. While spotting possible peaks of the wild life.  

The diverse plant life from semi alpine down to the lower levels of the farm can be stunning with some remarkably colours on show.

The history......

Originally purchased over a hundred years ago by the Westmacott family which carries along history.

Spencer Westmacott arrived in 1910 from the south island, as a young man. His memoirs were prepared for publication by another family member Honor Westmacott. It has been said the final published book is a remarkable record of the early years.

The stories continue to be shared.

The Westmacott family held there ties to England and the men all went back to England and served in the  British war efforts.

Spencer Westmacott story is displayed at Wellingtons museums Te Papa's Anzac display with 

Weta workshop making a life size model of him which is on display.

Listen to a story of a honest valuable account of early pioneering which will easily be lost in time....


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